Strategy & Analytics

Experience. Intuition. Gut-feelings. All great and we embrace those influences, but at the end of the day, data carries the most sway.

We always start with goals. What are you trying to accomplish? What does success look like? When we can define that,
we can create strategy, systems and plans to get there. Digital, traditional, earned media, paid media, social, out-of-
home, you name it: it really doesn’t matter much to the buyer. Prospects care about the brand, what it means to them, and
how it makes them feel. Channel selection comes later and is more tactical in nature. Consumers want consistency from a
brand regardless of channel.


Who are you trying to create a relationship with? Who will be buying your product? Are they the user, gatekeeper, or the influencer?


What is it you want them to understand and how do you want to interact with them? What do they need to know to progress along their journey?


What combination of channels and tactics will meet them where they are? What role will communications play in motivating your customers and potentials?


Where are they in their purchase journey? Where do they spend their time? Where do they consume information?


Measurement is key. Data is plentiful but the key is knowing what data sets connect to your goals. Our teams have the expertise necessary to interpret and ACT on meaningful information.

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