Insight Driven Solutions and Services

Digital Amplification’s marketing services and solutions are designed to unlock opportunities and support our clients’ growth.
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Digital Marketing and Advertising

Reach your target and be heard by the audience that matters most. Our digital marketing and advertising are designed to connect your business with your target audience at the right moment in their buying journey. From making your product top of mind to converting interest into purchase intent, our team of marketing and advertising experts can tailor the right mix of media channels for your business: Paid Search, PPC, SEO, Social Media, Display, Video, TV, Audio and Retail Media Networks. Whether it’s managing a single channel or full-marketing program takeover, we have proven expertise to support your growth.

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Strategy and Insights

Motivate your target audience to take action with our insight driven approach to brand and customer strategy. Our proven approach leverages behavioral data and research to identify the golden nuggets of opportunity where marketing, messaging and creative. These insights can be integrated into a brand and customer strategic plan focused on changing consumer beliefs about products and services and motivate the desired customer actions, simultaneously supporting identified business goals. Our proprietary approach aligns media investment, creative and content to change the beliefs and influence the desired behaviors of the target audience.

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Marketing Consulting

Unlock opportunities and remove roadblocks by getting to the root cause of marketing and business problems. The marketing experts at Digital Amplification can solve complex business and marketing challenges.

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Smart Geographies®

Identify exactly where to invest with our Smart Geographies® tool. This proprietary tool unifies targeting across media programs and at the same time improving effectiveness by utilizing a broad range of non-traditional data to zero in on market opportunities.

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Ad Creative and Content

Creative is an enabler. Because results matter. The Digital Amplification team informs the creative process with powerful insights that open minds and unlock opportunities. The best creative works to solve brand or product challenges, whether that’s awareness, consideration, conversion, or reinforcement.

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