Streaming Audio & Radio Services 

Digital Amplification helps clients stay relevant with on-the-go consumers through broadcast and streaming audio networks. Our digital agency unlocks mobile and desktop advertising opportunities on networks like Spotify, iHeart Radio, Pandora and more to create a unique opportunity for voice, video, and display on the most highly engaged content properties.

What is Streaming Audio & Radio?

Streaming audio delivers content such as podcasts, video and music — by way of network connection — through platforms like Spotify and Pandora. Traditional radio typically focuses on listeners who are at home or in the car, whereas streaming audio can be accessed through devices, like a mobile phone, and can be used anywhere — creating numerous opportunities for audio marketing to drive your business.
If you have ever listened to a song on Spotify or streamed a podcast, you have experienced streaming audio. Streaming accounts for +71% of audio listening and has widely grown in population within the past few years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The Digital Amplification agency has been able to penetrate these platforms to assist clients in building brand awareness and driving action for their brands.

Streaming Audio & Streaming Audio and Radio marketing solutions that put clients in front of the right audience

Digital Amplification’s experienced team develops programs and strategies that help our clients reach and be seen by their target audience, to generate interest and generate demand.

Streaming Audio & Radio marketing solutions that put clients in front of the right audience

Digital Amplification’s experienced team develops programs and strategies that help our clients reach and be seen by their target audience, to generate interest and generate demand.

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As a local business, consumers in your immediate area are your first priority. If you’re wondering how to advertise on local radio, our localized streaming tactics will help build brand affinity and recall in your targeted geographies.
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Media Strategy

Digital Amplification creates systems and builds media strategies to help your business reach its goals. Our agency leverages meaningful data to forecast the best ways to optimize your marketing investment.
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Want your brand to be noticed outside of your immediate area? Digital Amplifications has targeting tactics that will help your business to locate its audience and deliver your ads to them.
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Broadcast Radio

Broadcast radio offers efficiency and scale to drive recall and action with frequency. Wondering why or how to advertise on local radio? Digital Amplification is here to identify your audience’s most-utilized channel programming and preferred music genres, like adult contemporary, classic rock, jazz or talk radio and place your ads accordingly.
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Streaming services are growing exponentially. Digital Amplification will find the right platforms to boost your brand awareness and increase your visibility in the audio streaming space.
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At Digital Amplification, our creative team creates compelling content that drives engagement and traffic to your website.
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Integrated Media Planning

The media and performance marketing experts at Digital Amplification take a holistic approach, anchored in the overarching strategy to unify media buys and program execution across channels and consumer touchpoints. Creating a streamlined customer experience that increases engagement and conversions and at the same time reduces media waste to increase return on investment.
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At Digital Amplification, we find optimal placement for your ads by leveraging data and insights to deliver your content to the right customer. Compelling creative with thoughtful placement will enhance outcomes for your brand.
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Ad Creative & Content

From ad copy to visual assets, Digital Amplification’s creative team leverages research, data and insights to deliver compelling and impactful audio creative that motivates your customer.
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Digital Amplification’s strategy teams leverage your research, data and insights with our own proprietary data to identify the proper platforms as well as the most opportune moments. Then we implement impactful bidding strategies to ensure our clients audio advertisements are delivered to a relevant audience.
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Smart Geographies®

Digital Amplification’s Smart Geographies® tool helps to identify exactly where, how much and in what channel to invest. This proprietary tool utilizes a broad range of non-traditional data to identify actionable insights and opportunities by unifying audio and radio into the media investment while improving overall effectiveness.
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Analysis, Reporting & Insights

Digital Amplification’s insights and analytics team delivers dashboards with audio and radio performance insights that track performance so you can identify opportunities and develop media strategies that maximize your return on investment.

We Can Help!

Every client has unique technical and competitive challenges and opportunities when it comes to audio & radio. Accordingly, our solutions are tailored to your specific needs.

Contact us today if you’d like to know more about what Digital Amplification’s audio & radio services can do to improve your results.

See What Digital Amplification Can Do For You!


Assessment of the Audio & Radio ecosystem

Determine where your desired target audience consumes information and makes purchase decisions.

Numeral 1 - First step in the Digital Amplification process

Assessment of the Audio & Radio ecosystem

Digital Amplification determines where your desired target audience consumes information and makes purchase decisions accordingly.

Numeral 2 - Second step in the Digital Amplification process

Identification of Key Audio Platforms

Digital Amplification will deliver your content to target audiences at the point of consideration and intent.

Numeral 3 - Third step in the Digital Amplification process

Development of an integrated Streaming Audio & Radio program

We design your media strategies to help you maximize conversions and ROI.

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