Clients work with us to:

Integrated Media Planning

Understand E-Commerce and customer journeys

In the increasingly fragmented media world, understanding the customer as well as their omni-channel journey is critical to engagement and sales.

It is critical to understand how to unlock the customer journey across key touch-points to create engagement that facilitates a sale. Digital Amplification works with clients to understand buying signals and convert those to sales whether online or offline. 

Create differentiating multi-channel or cross-channel investment plans

Digital Amplification relies on critical thinking skills and creative problem solving to find the right plan to deliver your marketing objectives. We are known to develop robust test, learn and scale plans and leveraging innovative tactics to drive results.

Owned content and content calendar development

Effective owned communications include meticulous development and curation of brand content in an annual content plan and calendar. Digital Amplification works with clients to develop  website content optimized for SEO to win organic share, drive traffic and increase engagement and revenue.

Integrate media buys and program execution across channels and customer touchpoints

Digital Amplification’s expert data and channel optimization teams work together to provide clients improved performance and efficiency with a unified view of engaging the customer across paid, earned, and owned channels. 

Our elite teams review all strategic elements (target, geography, seasonality, promotion timing, budget, and creative) to optimize the plan in a way designed to test, learn and scale. 

Investment Optimization

Optimization of digital deployment

A critical element to leveraging the digital ecosystem is ensuring all levers are integrated and optimizing against the customer journey. This involves setting KPI’s across and within channels to ensure platforms are firing correctly for desired outcomes. Digital Amplification works with all clients to set KPI’s, measure and optimize them so that investment is efficiently driving business growth. 

Deliver KPI’s efficiently and Evaluate COA/ROI

Digital media buying is increasingly more accessible through partner platforms – but does that mean those buys are as effective as they can be to drive your performance in the digital ecosystem? Likely leveraging Digital Amplification experts to build and manage an integrated investment plan will deliver strong ROAS, efficient COA and increased value for your business.

Evaluate partnerships (agency, publishing, etc.) and current programs

Often an engagement with Digital Amplification results from a current partner challenge. We dive into those challenges, help identify where levers are broken or platforms need adjusting to set clients back on the path of success and productive customer acquisition.

Review competitive spend analysis and implications

Digital Amplification provides competitive analysis to inform and illuminate white space opportunities for clients. Insights on competitor activities can open up strategic plans by channel or by tactical deployment (time of day, day of week).

Growth & Expansion Opportunities

Define marketing opportunities and media investment strategy

We help companies define how marketing can achieve business goals. Understanding growth opportunities helps set investment strategy for achieving success.

Understand benchmark media metrics and brand performance + impact

Our elite team of channel experts has deepe experience in multiple industries and omni-channel journey assessments. Leveraging best practices and avant-garde approaches together for client growth is our hallmark approach.

Whiteboard possibilities and opportunities using design thinking

Our team of experts is adept at reframing challenges and finding opportunities. There’s nothing more exhilarating than starting fresh on an idea or initiating a problem-solving session. We use design thinking skills, white boards and individuals with growth-mindsets to dedicate time and energy to new approaches and engineer solutions for and with clients.

Identify key target markets and audiences

Focusing in on the highest opportunity target segments and motivated prospects is essential to efficiently driving reach and conversion. Digital Amplification uses a proprietary methodology to leverage data intentionally to unlock opportunity. Our data cubes use multivariate techniques to leverage sales data, demographics and behavior to build opportunity segments for clients.

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