Amplify Results with the Power of Insight

Opportunities are out there. Let’s find them.

Amplify Results with the Power of Insight

Opportunities are out there. Let’s find them.

Strategic Insights to Amplify Results and Unlock Opportunities

Our stewardship of a brand often goes way beyond communications.
And it’s all because of – surprise! – the data. We provide valuable quantitative feedback and can offer insights honed from years of professional experience that can inform and improve just about any aspect of your brand.
Things like product, packaging and price point. Distribution and placement. Fulfillment and delivery. We even advise on strategic partnerships. And trust us, we’re not doing this out of mere kindness. We know that the best way to keep growing our business is to successfully keep growing yours.

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Power your business through knowledge.

Watch sales, program numbers, and the competition. Use Diagnostics, Data, and Deeper Dives to reveal causality, interdependent variables, and customer dropout. Monitor and optimize performance over time, and continually improve the impact of communications.

Welcome the opportunity to learn, adapt and grow. Success is out there, let’s find it.

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For a client looking to double sales from $50MM to $100MM, we employed our Smart Geographies® tool to index 33,000 zip codes using contextual data; behavioral, interest and purchase intent data; fan follows and engagement data; and thousands of demographic variables.
Digital Amplification’s trademark digital brand heart is a digital and media ecosystem that builds a passionate customer following.

This allowed us to target our client’s investment, maximize share of voice in high-potential targets, and win market share from category leaders with 90% household awareness and much larger total budgets at their disposal. We didn’t buy bigger, we bought smarter.

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