Mission-Critical Partners for Growth

We Provide Dynamic Solutions to Changing Environments

This is an exciting and fun era where technology, social norms, and communication platforms are evolving faster than we could have ever imagined. We geek out over this dynamic whirlwind and are at our best when embracing change. 

Above all, we are driven to understand the needs of our clients and to help them unlock opportunities.


We Are Media and Channel Management Specialists

The media experts at Digital Amplification help clients acquire new customers, retain and increase the loyalty of existing customers, and drive improved business performance with our seamlessly integrated approach to media channel management. We align media and messaging plans to connect with buyers during moments of opportunity and receptivity on their journey.

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Woman standing in an office in front of a white board, brainstorming a business plan. This is an illustrative expression of the Digital Amplification teams’ immersive and collaborative planning process. This unique approach enables Digital Amplification to create plans that integrate client media and messaging across programs and channels to connect with buyers throughout their journey at key moments of opportunity and receptivity.
Three people collaborating around a laptop to solve a business problem. Very similar to how the Digital Amplification team collaborates with clients to maximize marketing performance to drive results and get the best out of their client’s marketing investment.


We Maximize Results

Clients collaborate with us to get the best performance out of their marketing investment. We listen to our clients’ needs and provide creative solutions to maximize every marketing channel and message to their fullest potential.

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Analytics Informs What We Do, But Never Underestimate the Power of AMAZING Data Informed Creative

Data driven insights are tangible and meaningful. While they shape much of what we do, we never discount the magic of strategic creative. Because of this, successful brand marketing must bring the balance of data and creativity; the art and science of business decision making and gut feeling. We work with clients to inform the creative process with the insights that enable creative to develop ideas that unlock opportunities.

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Listening is One of Our Strengths

It’s how we understand what clients or target audiences want and what they need, how and where they want to buy goods and services and how they prefer to pay. By understanding consumer preferences, we can build marketing strategies, messages and tactics that get our clients and their products front and center on the real and virtual shelf.

Digital Amplification Specializes in Unlocking Results for Clients

Digital Amplification is a full service advertising agency and marketing consultancy, focused on advertising, digital media, creative, and marketing solutions. Our strengths lie in servicing clients in consumer goods, CPG, health and wellness, pharmaceutical brands, and financial services in direct to consumer communications. Our primary office, located in Columbus, Ohio, acts as the coordination point for our talented team of experts across the US and around the world.

Let’s Explore if We Might Be a Good Fit to Work Together and Support Your Brand’s Growth

Have you…

  • Attempted a digital outreach, but outgrown your current approach?
  • Worked with other agencies, but didn’t see the results you needed?
  • Suffered from a lack of thoughtfully designed and well informed creative?
  • Missed out on marketing opportunities that could have been more integrated, targeted, and streamlined?
  • Needed a safe, collaborative space to tackle complex marketing problems?
  • Felt that your agency didn’t really understand what you needed to accomplish?
  • Could never even explain results or show a return on investment?